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Report for Issuers

This service allows you to access Gaïa Research’s details on your company and to download your ESG assessment reports.

Methodological Note

Interested in the Gaia methodology, the scoring elements, the French and European benchmarks?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions about the Report for Issuers service, in complete transparency.

The Issuer Reports can be used as a tool to manage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) internally:

  • They can be used to report on the level of CSR at a point in time to various stakeholders.
  • They can be used to evaluate the implementation of policies, tools, or measures, and compare performance over several years within the company.
  • Finally, they allow us to identify areas that can be improved in terms of CSR.

Our clients are mainly investors in the Paris area who focus on SRI. They use our ratings in their management decisions.

The results are communicated only to the assessed company and to our investor clients.

Every year, we update our questionnaire to ensure that it is aligned with the regulations in place and with the expectations of all stakeholders.

In 2022, Gaïa Research conducted a historic overhaul of its rating framework to better understand the rising environmental and social issues as well as the new regulatory requirements.

Improvements to the Gaïa Research methodology include

  • The adoption of a rating system that evolves according to the size of the company being assessed
  • The integration of a controversy score into the overall score
  • Consideration of rising issues and regulatory expectations

You will find more information in the methodological note that you can download from our website.

Once the pre-collection is completed by our teams, you will be automatically contacted by email and invited to amend the questionnaire. This email will contain a link to our online questionnaire as well as login details. The access to the Gaia Research platform is open for a period of 4 weeks from the date of reception of the first email.

Assessments are made using a questionnaire. Once a year, we analyze the company's public documentation to pre-fill the questionnaire. After the quality stages, we systematically contact the company so it can amend the questionnaire with information not publicly available. Our goal is to ensure that the ESG questionnaire gives the most accurate picture possible of how the company is addressing environmental, social and governance issues.

Gaïa Research provides its investor clients with ESG assessments of listed European SMEs. These evaluated companies constitute Gaïa's "coverage". A company can therefore be evaluated by Gaïa for two reasons:

  • The company is de facto part of Gaïa Research's standard coverage, as it meets our coverage logic:

⇒ For French companies: to be included in the CAC All Tradable index:

⇒ For European companies (ex-France):

  • Be listed on a European stock exchange
  • Have a market capitalization between €150 million and €10 billion, and a free float of at least €75 million.
  • The company is not part of Gaïa Research's standard coverage but its valuation was specifically requested by a client.